Democrat pawl nih theihpitu au an ngam ti lo. Republican pawl nih an tuah ning cu zaangfah bak an si

Republican senator nih Trump impeachment tuahnak ah Democrats presidential candidate Biden le a fapa hunter biden cu biahal ding in kan au hna lai an ti. Cu lawng silo in Democrat pawl nih an chimh tawn mi Whistles Blower zong au si seh tiah an ti mi cu Democrat pawl nih an duh ti lo. Democrat Presidential Candidate Joe Biden hi Barack Obama President a si lio ah Vice President rian a ttuan mi kha a si. Vice President a rak ttuan lio ah a fapa Hunder Biden cu Ukhraine Gas Bursima Comapany Board ah a tel ve. Bursima Company hlethlainak tuah an nih timh lio ah khan Vice President Biden nih a duh lo i, hlethlainak tuah dingah ttuanvo a ngeihtu vialte kha an rian in hlaw thluamah hna. Hunter Biden hi thlakhat a $40,000 hrawng lakha pek tawn a si. Mah bantuk thil hi zeitin a si khawh ning di tiah theih a duh ruangah President Trump nih Hunter Biden kongah Ukhraine President kha hlethlainak tuah ding in a ti hna. Hi hi Democrat pawl nih impeachment an chuahpinak pakhat zong a si.

President Trump lawyer Rudy Giulini nih mipi hmuh khawh ding in Joe le Hunter Biden nih US public office thil, Ukaine ah an zuar ning le tangka million tamtuk anngeihning mipi sin ah phawr a tim hna. Rudy Guilini hi December ah Ukraine ah a kal. Twitter ah Everything i tried to tell the press last march is now coming out, and more. I will now start to reveal the evidence directly to you, the People. The Biden family enterprise made million by selling publice office. Then when Hoe was Obama’s point man. They all made million’ tiin a ttial. r in a ngen, mahse number 3 ka rawn ziah tawh ang hian ngaih sak a hlawh lo. Adam Schiff a thusawi zawh hnu, Nadler’s a rawn ding chhuak ve chiah tih 1:10 pm ah Barrasso, Sens. Richard Burr, Rob Portman, Marco Rubio, Amy Klobuchar, Mazie Hirono, Dianne Feinstein, Tim Scott, Kamala Harris, Bill Cassidy, Jerry Moran, Michael Bennett, Ted Cruz, and Chris Murphy. Graham ten an seat an luah chauh. Democrats in an sawi ngai “case against President Trump” chu darkar 8 an sawi. Ni leng hian Senator’s seat 20 vel ruak reng ani, Congressman Mark Meadows, Trump ally chuan Adam Schiff a ning lutuk ‘You want to take an aspirin to get away from the repetitive headache,’ a lo ti zauh. Republicans senators ho complain ber chu DEMOCRATS HO IN THU NGAI AN SAWI RENG, THU THAR AN NEI LO, tih. Thursday leh Friday hian Democrats in President Trump an impeached duhna an hmawr bawk a hun chho ang

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