Mike Pence Lungput le Ruahnak nih Mi vialte A deuh dih hna

A poi tak tak! Mike Pence nih Trump a kaltak cang; Donald Trump sihni Lin Wood bia chim mi cu ttih  a nung tuk hring hran ko, US mipi an ruahnak a hleen dih hna. An zuum lei loh! Thilmak a tling an ti.

Donald Trump caah thawngtha a vun chuak hnuah thawngchia a vun chuak tthan cang. Pro Trump pawl nih January 6 ah VP Mike Pence nih

Electoral College votes challenge kong he pehtlai in zeibantuk thil a cang lai tiah an zoh lio ah thawngpang chia tuk mi a vun chuak tthan cang

Trump nih teinak a hmuh khawhnak ding caah Texas Federal Court ah lawsuit an ap mi cu Mike Pence nih “Vote overturned” nak ding caah signature ah lawyer nih minthutnak/sign a tuah duh bak lo ti aphuang cang

Hi bantuk in Trump nih Vice President caah a thim mi Mike Pence nih Court ah, Republican pawl nih Trump teinak a hmuh khawhnak ding caah min thutnak a tuah duh lonak ruang hi zeidah a si tiin an lau tak tak,

Pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood nih ceihlak in a phomh i, “Vice President Mike Pence should ‘face execution by firing squad’ for ‘treason / Mike pence nih hin a pu kaltak i, mah bantuk thil a tuah ruangah thah ding a si tiin a chim ve

Thursday ah Justice Department nih Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert’s lawsuit, District Court for the Eastern District of Texas an cohlang piak duh lo. Source-RTK

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