Trump cu Piers Morgan nih fak taktak in a soisel.

US ram ah mithang Pakhat a si ve mi Piers Morgan Television presenter, writer journalist, columnist social critic  ah mithang taktak asi mi nih Trump cu fak taktak in a thuat . a soiselnak a ruang cu Trump party hna nihhin election vote rel mi ah an lung atling lo mi a um caah , Trump nih vote rel cuahmah mi cu ngawl rih ding in court ah duhlonak alangter caah atu hi vote rel an ngawl rih hi a si.


Piers Morgan nih Trump cu “Nobody’s stealing the election Mr President, so stop stoking the fires of civil war, let the votes be counted,” A ho hmanh nih election hi an fir lo fir zong an timh lo Mr. President , cu caahcun ram chung ah buainak le ral chuater hi ngawl cang law, vote cu rel chumzawn ko cang hnaseh, na sungh ahcun  tiah fak taktak in a thuat. 

Trump caah ruahchannak pakhat a um mi cu 2016 lio bantuk khan Trump nihhin teinak a hmuh than kho mi a si ” miracle” a tlung than kho mi a si tiah mipi nih an chim chim cio. atu tiang ahcun vote rel cu an ngawl chung rih Arizona state secretary nih alangter ning ahcun tuzarh Friday ni hlan cu me rel a si lailo tiah a chim. Daily Mail News


Note: Ka thawngpang (tadin) ttial a rel mi vialte cungah lunglawmnak tampi ka ngei. Ka thawngpang ttialmi nan kan rel piak ruangah keimah zong thawngpang a dik mi le a hman mi ka post khawh mi a si. Atu lio ah thawngpang dik lo mi ti bantuk a tam ngai caah keimah zong ralrin tein ka mipi sin ah thawngpang ka ttial tawn. Thawngpang a dik lo mi ttial ka duh lo. Hoax/Rumor/Fake ti bantuk hi ttial ka tim lo.

English ka rel mi hi thatein source dang ka zoh hnuah mah hi cu a hman mi a si lai tiah ka ti mi hi hna hi ka miphun a si mi “Chin mi” caah ka ttial tawn. Natein vawlei cung cu tlamtlinglonak a si caah Source ka lak mi ah a hman lo mi a um ti nan theih ah cun zeitik caan poah ka theihterh ulaw keimah ca zongah ralrinnak caah a si lai i cun thawngpang a hman mi le dik mi ka thla peng khawhnak ding caah tiin zaangfah kan nih hal hna-Nuva Nun Editor.

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