Twitter le Facebook caah Aarpi ATtap Sahngar A Hnii US buai hram thawk

Donald Trump nih a chim ning bantuk in Veto power cu a hmang tak tak cang. Mi tampi, a hlei in Liberal Media pawl nih a hmang lai lo, a hmang ngam ti lo tiah heh tiah an rak tial mi An chim len mi cu Trump nih a hmang cang caah Liberal media pawl caah cun zan mangchia bantuk an si ko cang.

President Donald Trump nih $740bn (£549bn) Defence spending bill ah Veto power a hmang cang ti a phuan cang. Mah bantuk in Veto Power a hmang nak ruang bik cu, Afghanistan le Europe ram in US ralkap cu US ah kir ter than le Military base in Confederate leaders’ pawl min hlawnh le hnawl an duh ruangah a si.

Mah hi President Trump nih a duh lo ngai mi a si. Cun mah bantuk in Veto power a hmang nak ruang pakhat cu Article 320 hmang in Bigtech pawl kilveng an i timh caah mah hi President Trump nih a duh lo tuk mi a si caah a si.

President Donald Trump & first lady Melania Trump hna cu White House in Mar-a-Lago lei ah Christmas hmang ding in an kal, December thlathawhka ah khan Congress nih Veto proof nak ding caah tiin, National Defense Authorization Act hi an rak cohlang cang.

President Trump nih a chim tthan mi cu, Voi tampi ka chim cang kha, military base Confederate figures hna hi politics caah hmang lo ding tiin a chim. Mah bill hi Congress sin ah voi tampi ka rak chim cang tiin.

Mah Congress nih an passed mi bill ah hin ka min ka thut lai lo tiin a chim, US ram caah heh tiah rian a tuan tu pawl min hlawnh le hlawt hi zeitik hmanh ah ka tuah bal lai lo tiin a chim chap

The New York Times report nih alanghter ning ah cun, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy nih GOP lawmakers hna cu Wednesday ah phone in a chawnh hna i President Trump nih veto power a hmang tak tak lai maw hmang tak tak lai lo ti a fiang lo tiin a chim

Lawmakers pawl nih December 28 hlan ah Shutdown a um lonak ding caah heh tiah lam an kawl a herh cang, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, New York Democrat cu heh tiah aphun zai, Democrats Senators pawl nih Trump cu heh tiah an doh lai tiin a chim,

‘Donald Trump just vetoed a pay raise for our troops so he can defend dead Confederate traitors,’ tiin, US cu an buai tak tak ko cang Source-Westernjournal

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