Wisconsin state i Vote relthan ding in cun Trump Campaign nih ramkulh cozah sin ah $7.9 million a pek a hau

2020, November 3 i tuah mi US rampi i thim nak cu tuchun November 18 zong ah a tlamtling kho rih loh i vote thlak tawlreldan lungtlin lo ruang i vote rel cuahmah lio mi zong an um. Vote rel than an duh nak hmun an rel rih lo mi zong a um rih.

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Vote relthan ding an beisei nak i an rel rih lo nak hmun Wisconsin state ahcun vote rel than nak man cu $7.9 million an ngen i Trump campaign nih vote rel man a pek thok bak in an rel colh lai tiin state Elections Commission lei nih thawngthanh nak an tuah.

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Wisconsin state i vote thlak mi unofficial result ah Jeo Biden nih votes 20,000 hrawng ngah tam in Donald Trump cu a tei iTrump campaign lei nih teithan sehlaw tiin an beisei mi an si i vote rel than nak ding caah $7.9 million an pek khawh bak in, a tlaibik ah caw nili ah rel nak an thok lai tiin State cozah ṭuanvonei mipakhat nih cun a chim.

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Pu Trump nih cun Wisconsin i vote rel than nak ding caah phaisa ai chiah cuahmah konain rel thok ding maw dinglo timi cu ramkulh cozah sin ah theihternak a nei rih loh.

Vote rel than ding ah cun cozah sin ah vote rel than nak man phaisa pekthan a hau timi phunglam a um i, kum 2016 ithim nak zong ah Green Party candidate Jill Stein campaign nih cun vote rel than nak man $2 million cu ramkulh cozah sin ah an rak pek ve bal cang ti a si.

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Tu kum i vote rel than nak man a fak tuk mi he pehtlai in state Elections Commission director Meagan Wolfe nih cun “a let bak in a fah nak a ruang cu Covid 19 boruak ruangah a si. Hmun ṭhenkhat ah vote rel tu le zohkhentu cu hmun hla deuh i um a hauh ding ruangah hall lianpi hlan a hau lai.

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Cuhleiah a man fak nak ruang pakhat cu December 1 khelh i vote siar rel dih hrimhrim a hauh ruang ah rianrang ngai in tuan a hau lai i, security hrang ah a dang tein tawlrel a hau lai. Kan mah lei in cun vote rel than ding in kan i manh cang. nan rel than lai maw than lo timi thawngpang zeihmanh kan dong loh tiah a ti.

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