Trump campaingn nih Wisconsin ah vote recount an hal mi hna kha, Wisconsin ah hin Joe Biden 20,500 votes in hmai a hruai an ti. Wisconsin Elections Commission nih cun 72 counties hna recount timeline lesdaye a dih zat an chiah,

Trump campaign nih vote recount tuah than a si ah cun a dih zat $7.9 million, Wednesday 5 pm hlan ah an rawn chiah a hau lai, an ti hna.## Meagan Wolfe, the state’s chief election official”, Recount kan neih le neih lo ding hi zeihmanh theihternak a hlan kanin kan dawng loh,

Sihmanhsehlaw mipi  nih rel than hau zong siseh kan I manh ko ti nan theih kan duh’ . ..President Trump nih Wisconsin lawng lo recount neih nak ding fund a dawng cuah mah lio, recount ding hin hma kan laa lio. Trump’s Wisconsin campaign spokeswoman Anna Kelly nih zeihmanh chim relmi a nei rih lo

(Recounts are not automatic under Wisconsin law. But any losing candidate who is within 1 point of the winner can request one. Trump lost by about six-tenths of a point, based unofficial results.

Candudates must pay for recounts if theyare more than 0.25 points behind the winner.

As of midday Monday, 68 of 72 counties had completed certification of the vote. Those results,which include provisional ballots that were counted after Election Day, show that Biden picked up 122 votes and Trump gained 107 statewide so far.The ney gain was 15 for Biden.)

President-elet nih pandemic le economics thilah CEOs & labor leaders, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumk & General Motors CEO Mary Barra hna he virtual meeting an nei.

University of North Carolina expert, Dr Ralph Baric predict ah cun khawsik caan ah mithi an tam te lai. Joe Biden, “Tute zong nih kan economy hi a kel in kal she ti kan duh, kan workers hna zong nih an rian tuan than ko hna she law a tha.

Dark winter kan ihmaithlak,thil awl nakin caan khirhkhan/harnak kan tong lai. Administration’s distribution plan, kan theih tik ah le, transition tluang te a kal lo ah cun mi tam pi nih an thih phah lai

Zei tin dah 300 million A mericans hi vaccines kan pek lai game plan zei dah ? Trump lei nih “warp speed program”  kan nei an ti , vaccines neih lawng asi lo, zeiti phawt zamh ding dah si lai. Mahhi I tuanvo la ding in January 20th theng maw kan hnak lai, thla tam in pei kan tlai lai cu,ka rian tuan khawh zau lo mi hi ning zak ngai pei a si cu”. A mak, Rapthlak pah ko, A bia cu.

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